Android has added a new security feature for its latest OS version. Once you hard reset your Android device then Android will ask you to enter the last Google account active in the phone before performing the factory reset of the device to verify the real owner. So if you also facing the same issue or brought a second-hand phone then this article is only for you.

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IFX-1 is a first-in-class monoclonal anti-human complement factor C5a antibody, which blocks the biological activity of C5a and demonstrates high selectivity towards its target in human blood. According to the Lancet report, the expert committee, based on the review of available data, unanimously recommended continuing into Phase 3 and advised on changes to the study protocol.

We are honoured to be part of the 10th anniversary of SIAL Middle East and we are happy because we have 45 companies participating in this event from India. We are happy with the response we have had coming here with the inauguration and all the other events that have been done.

InSpartan Stores merged with Nash Finch to create SpartanNash, now the 5th largest food distributor in the US and the leading distributor of grocery products to US military commissaries domestic and abroad. SpartanNash is a value-added wholesale grocery distributor headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with more than corporate owned retail grocery stores in 8 states, 2, independent retailers in 44 states, 10 wholesale distribution centers, and 7 military distribution centers. That hosted application was implemented in and had ceased to be supported by the developer.